Braintrust helps organizations harness the power of agility

From individual training classes to company-wide Agile adoptions, Braintrust Group is the first training company to take the concepts of Agile and apply them to running your business at every level.

  • Scrum Certification Classes – Braintrust is the only training provider in North America approved to teach every Scrum Alliance Certification. Over 25,000 professionals have chosen Braintrust.
  • Group and Team Training – From Scrum Certifications to custom workshops, private, group training is the best way to unite your Team, level-set your knowledge, and maximize Agile.
  • Organizational Transformations – Braintrust is one of the first training organizations to take Agile principles and apply them to Organizations, Leaders, and Teams well beyond IT.*

Let LearnSpectrum craft your customized training plan

LearnSpectrum is a Braintrust training partner. We take on the time-consuming activities associated with enterprise learning, so you save time and money. Our consultants are available to assess your training requirements and craft a customized Braintrust training plan to meet your needs … and, in most cases, you only pay the cost of the course(s).

Please call LearnSpectrum toll free at 888.682.9485 or click Get Started to learn more.

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