Employee Certification Management

We consolidate, track, update, and report employee certifications and credentials. You have current, reliable data at your fingertips to provide a view into the strengths – and gaps – of the employee talent pool and to support business development bids and contracts.

Certification Management Image
A Business Development Rep is responding to an RFP. 
One of the questions is “How many active Project Management Professionals (PMPs) are in your organization?”
They’ve contacted you for the answer. 
Oh, and the RFP is being packaged two days from now.

Before Employee Certification Management

After a moment of panic (and thinking ‘Why did they wait to the last minute to request this?‘), you pull up the last RFP response that asked the same question. You then confirm, one by one, that each employee listed is still certified in PMP – AND send an all-hands email to see if anyone else has been certified … but you can only commit to the employees who respond, under-representing the full number of employees certified, and you’ve lost several hours to your day.

After Employee Certification Management

You log into LearnSpectrum Employee Certification Management and within minutes grab the current, accurate number and list of active PMPs in your organization.

You then show the BD rep how they can access the latest employee certification data themselves.

An organization is only as successful as its employees. As a leader in learning and development, you’re responsible for providing C-level talent and leadership teams with a view into the strength of and gaps in the employee talent pool. You also deliver employee certification and credential information to business development to support new bids, RFP responses, contracts, or projects. Unfortunately, employee certification tracking isn’t typically easy. Until now.

With Employee Certification Management, you have:

Current, centralized employee certification tracking database

Employee certification data is often unavailable, outdated, and/or decentralized. We capture and maintain certifications and recertification in conjunction with tracking pass rates. With our reminder cadence, employees maintain their data, reducing the need for you to chase them. As a result, you can quickly and confidently provide accurate, enterprise-wide data.

Reduction in lapsed certifications

We deliver recertification requirements to employees with ample time to comply, with information on opportunities to earn continuing education credits at no cost or preferred customer rates. Certification metrics are auto updated if credentials are not renewed.

Self-serve capabilities

With on-demand access from any device, you can empower talent, leadership, business development and other teams to retrieve employee certification dashboards and data directly, reducing the time you spend responding to individual requests.

ROI & budget forecasting

We provide recurring reports on employee certification status, spend, and trends – like average certifications per employee and ROI on strategic level certification – so you can accurately quantify investments in employee development and forecast budget requirements for certification training and renewal costs.

If you would like to learn more about our Employeee Certification Management, contact us at contactus@learnspectrum.com. Our learning and development advisors are here to help you chart your course to success.

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