Spectrum Education Units

Making training budget
approval fast and easy

The Ultimate Solution for Training Flexibility

Spectrum Education Units are a pre-paid training account allowing you to enroll in courses at any learning vendor as the need arises. This allows you to use funds across departments internally and across vendors externally. This one-time purchase gives you multiple avenues to execute your learning and development strategy with extensive flexibility and ease.

Protect and manage your training funds with the SEU. Your funds are ready when you have a need.

Your funds have already been procured, no wasted efforts seeking funding approvals.  Just start learning.

We can design a training strategy that aligns with your project goals.

Your SEU is a bucket of funds with no expiration. You have the freedom to reallocate funds as your projects change.

Receive detailed usage reporting on your SEUs.

Apply your SEUs to any training class, any time, in any location, at any training vendor.


IT’S AS SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3!

Set up your SEU in any dollar amount.

Continue to receive LearnSpectrum’s enterprise pricing and discounts PLUS get our vendor research, enrollment services and reporting.

Funds are deducted from your account AFTER transactions are complete.

When your funds are exhausted, either close the account or reload new funds and keep your training plan in motion.

External training spending made simple. 

Let’s Work Together

We support individuals, teams or an entire enterprise. Contact us and see how we can assist you.

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