Enterprise Learning and Development

Think of us as an extension of
your Learning and Development team

Outsource your external training function

LearnSpectrum offers a comprehensive supplement to your HR or L&D team by providing external learning coordination and services for your entire organization.

We work with your corporate culture and support your external learning needs.

What is Enterprise Learning and Development?

LearnSpectrum has deep knowledge of the training industry and the providers administering courses. Allow us to put this expertise to work for you as your needs arise. Identifying the best courses that meet your needs is our core competency and we look forward to serving you. There are no upfront costs; in fact, your only expense will be for the courses themselves, which will include LearnSpectrum’s volume discount rates.

Partnering with LearnSpectrum benefits your organization in many ways:

  • We manage every aspect of the training process so your L&D team, program managers and HR professionals can accomplish the rest of their daily duties.
  • We provide the best course options to meet the learning needs and procurement requirements, while your employees and managers select their preferred options.
  • LearnSpectrum enrolls the employee in the class and bills your company at our enterprise rate without any hidden fees or subscriptions services.

Does your L&D organization manage over 400 vendor relationships?  We do.  LearnSpectrum can be your ONE resource to thousands of courses.  Learn more about our Learning Partners.

Enterprise L&D customers can integrate external training data and expenses for their employees into their HRMS, LMS and Financial and Accounting systems, creating opportunities for better forecasting and trend analysis.

Every LearnSpectrum Enterprise customer has the option to utilize a customized web portal that employees use to request training. LearnSpectrum will build a customized approval workflow for your organization to ensure that the appropriate manager(s) authorize training before it is booked for an employee. The training approval workflow is a standard feature in the portal. Your employees can request the training they need 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


YOU tell us your requirements (location, timeframe, budget, etc.)

We understand that your priorities are important

WE provide course options

Our consultants are experts in identifying the best courses across 400+ vendors

YOU select the best option that meets your needs

You make the final decision on which course option and format you prefer

WE enroll you in the course

Our consultants book the class for you and bill you for the cost of the course

LearnSpectrum does not charge any additional fees or require subscription services.

ONE point of contact for all of your organization’s external training needs.

LearnSpectrum is a proven one-stop-shop for all of your external training needs

Everyone has different priorities. LearnSpectrum works with you to understand what yours are, including but not limited to:


  • Location/Geography: We have global training options
  • Timing: Is your need deadline driven?  Is there a specific timeframe that is good or bad?
  • Delivery method – Do you prefer a classroom setting or self-paced training or something else?
  • Vendor preference – Since we have relationships with hundreds of vendors, do you have a preference on who fulfills your learning need?


  • Extensive knowledge of the training industry
  • Relationships with over 400 vendors
  • Expertise in vendors by topic
  • Delivery method flexibility (instructor-led, private vs public classes, etc.)
  • Access to subject matter experts who provide consultation on the best options to meet your objectives


  • Our enterprise savings allows us to pass savings on to you
  • We do not charge fees; simply pay for the class you select
  • You will get a better price than MSRP
  • We save you TIME by doing the course research for you so you can stay focused on your mission

Vendor Choice

  • We are vendor neutral; we do not have specific agreements or incentives from training vendors, which allows us to recommend the best courses at the vendors that provide them
  • We know the industry experts for the topics being taught
  • We maintain a catalog of over 37,000 courses at over 400 vendors and we add to it each day


What determines value? We quantify it by the combined associated costs invested within each students request. The actual tuition savings we provide to your enterprise and the time we save your team with our knowledge.

Slide One

Hard Cost Savings
(Tuition in $)

Actual Customer
savings per transaction

Soft Cost Savings
(Time saved in $)

Imagine you could provide your entire organization with immediate access to the best training options available to develop necessary skills without adding expenses to the bottom line. With LearnSpectrum, you can.
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Let’s Work Together

We support individuals, teams or an entire enterprise. Contact us and see how we can assist you.

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