When working with LearnSpectrum, clients are able to determine the scope of work that will best suit their training needs. Our business model allows us to tailor our services to each of our client’s needs, no matter how big or small. Clients often utilize one of three main service types: Training Agent, Strategic Learning Source, or Enterprise Learning Solution.

Training Agent

Just need help locating and enrolling into a couple courses? Not looking for a full-scale implementation of our services? No problem. We can act as your own personal Training Agent, giving you access to our ever-expanding database of quality vendors and enterprise savings. Your personal consultant will work with you to find the course that meets the criteria you are looking for and arrange all the logistics for you.

Strategic Learning Source

Your strategic objectives may require assistance in anything from maximizing training funds to tracking the manager approval process, all of which could be delegated to LearnSpectrum allowing you to focus on your other daily business tasks. As a Strategic Learning Source, our integration technique enables clients to select the services they wish to outsource and which they choose to keep in-house. To put it simply, we will work with you on the parts of your training process that you feel you lack current resources and want to improve upon. This level of service is ideal for those companies who have training needs but don’t have an in-house resource that they can turn to. Just as you would with the Enterprise Learning Solution, your company would get a dedicated account manager who will serve as your sole point of contact throughout your relationship. We know the training industry, let our expertise be your in-house training strategy solution. Our Strategic Learning Source solution requires no contracts or commitments. This means if your training needs or demands change – we will change with you.

Enterprise Learning Solution

On the grandest scale, LearnSpectrum can be utilized as your company’s complete enterprise learning solution. It is at this level that we have achieved our greatest success in helping clients manage their training efforts. With a designated account manager who will familiarize themselves with your company culture, workflow approval and processes we can guarantee a level of quality service that most other training services can’t. Account managers will work closely with you to determine your current and future training needs and develop the best solution that will not only save your company money on the training itself, but also save you the administrative time as well. Essentially, your account manager will act as an extension of your company’s L&D department.

Our account managers will streamline and service your ongoing external needs handling the entire training lifecycle. Help your colleagues locate training program tailored to their need, vendor management, identifying learning trends across your organization, course administration/logistics, and invoice and report all your training activity. Regardless if it’s one individual looking for a course or a team needing a dedicated private event, our Enterprise Learning Solution will ensure your company’s L&D operates efficiently and in the most cost effective manner.

Clients who use LearnSpectrum as their Enterprise Learning Solution immediately gain industry expertise, better efficiencies, and cost-effective solutions.

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