At LearnSpectrum, we help individuals and corporate training managers find the right courses at the right time and at the most economical total cost. We take the hassle out of the process by offering a single point of access to a broad array of vendors and training providers.

Our methodology is simple, but the results are far from it. We start by approaching your training requirements with a flexible outlook. It’s not about fitting people into training boxes. It’a about creating a customized solution to meet your needs. Our delivery is streamlined so that you and your organization experience minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

Learn why some of the nation’s largest organizations, and the most innovative technology professionals choose LearnSpectrum to handle their enterprise and individual training needs. Here’s how we do it:



LearnSpectrum enables you to completely customize your billing, reporting and portal access functions. In addition, we can implement an approval workflow process to allow individual approvals for each training request.


Whether your company is small or large, we can tailor a training solution to your particular needs. We work with clients of all sizes and can grow with your organization.


LearnSpectrum works closely with team leads, managers and company executives to determine and deliver the best training solution for individual or corporate needs.


Single Point of Access

Combining our breadth of training vendors and our proven ability to manage corporate training initiatives, LearnSpectrum is the ultimate “one stop shop for all of your training needs.”

Variety of Options

When you or someone on your team has a need for a course with specific criteria such as location, date or price, LearnSpectrum will create a detailed option sheet that includes a list of reputable vendors offering the course and options you need.


Premium Vendor Discounts

When you work with LearnSpectrum, you’ll receive exclusive channel partner discounts from top-ranked training companies nationwide. Attend the same course, with the same instructor, only at a lower cost.


LearnSpectrum takes care of every aspect of the back-end administrative work that comes with training registrations. This includes, but is not limited to, booking, vendor payment, tracking, confirmations, rescheduling, troubleshooting, and cancellations.

Logistics Management

Have you ever wanted to bring a training event to your location but avoided it because it’s too much work? LearnSpectrum can arrange all of the back-end logistics for you. We’ll ensure that your on-site event is a success.