At LearnSpectrum, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people find the IT training services they need to get ahead. We help enterprise training managers save thousands of labor hours annually, while providing considerable savings when compared to purchasing direct from vendors. Plus, all you’ll need to remember is one phone number and one point of contact. It’s one thing to talk about capabilities and another thing to show it. Here are just a few of the success stories from our work with industry-leading corporations.

Case Study: LearnSpectrum Enhances Training Process for National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society had historically partnered with a single training vendor to purchase bulk training courses based on estimations of future external training needs. Since budgetary funds were allotted for the purpose, corporate leadership would purchase training in bulk in advance, without clear knowledge of whether the courses would be needed. LearnSpectrum developed a flexible, credit-based payment system that helped the National Geographic Society save money, eliminate unused courses and simplify the overall training process.

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Case Study: LearnSpectrum Streamlines Request and Approval Process for BAE Systems

UK-based global defense, aerospace and security company BAE Systems had partnered with LearnSpectrum for many years to handle the external training operations for the company’s single largest business unit. When BAE Systems transitioned to a shared-services model at the corporate level, BAE leadership invited trusted partner LearnSpectrum to manage the training process for all business units. In response, LearnSpectrum developed an enterprise training solution that streamlined the request and approval process across all business units. The solution saved time, enhanced performance and considerably reduced BAE's overhead administrative costs.

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Case Study LearnSpectrum Simplifies Enterprise Training Process for Washington Post

Due to budgetary cutbacks, The Washington Post had to reduce internal personnel. During the process of downsizing, the company eliminated training coordinator roles. The Washington Post turned to trusted partner LearnSpectrum to manage the external training in a simplified, efficient and cost-effective manner. LearnSpectrum developed a custom web-based training request portal that enables Washington Post employees to request training and seek manager approval with a single click.

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