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As any enterprise grows larger, technology needs grow as well.

Advanced IT enterprise training is the best way to help good people learn great new skills. But corporate managers and HR professionals know that there are only so many hours in a day to arrange enterprise training and certification courses for their teams. That’s where we come in.

LearnSpectrum is the “best kept secret” of Learning and Development teams, Program Managers and HR professionals tasked with training. We provide a single channel to access an expansive world of IT and business skills training courses. We manage every aspect of the training process so you can accomplish the rest of your daily duties, while your team receives the training and certifications needed to take your organization to the top.

Our Process

Agile Approach – we design a customized, scalable and strategic solution to meet your specific enterprise training needs. Streamlined Delivery – we provide a single point of access to a broad variety of course and vendor options, along with premium vendor discounts. Proven Expertise – we handle all aspects of the training process from scheduling and tracking, to payment and follow up.

Less Work. More Options.

Less Work. More Options.
Imagine if you could arrange Microsoft certifications for a hundred employees across ten states, train another hundred employees in Project Management, and take care of your Red Hat team too with a single call. With LearnSpectrum, you can. We work with some of the most recognizable global corporations, providing access to training and certification to thousands of employees every day.

Outsourced Enterprise Training = Internal Success

Managers are being asked to do more with less every day, and the trend isn’t changing. Enhanced expectations and limited resources make it difficult to manage training for teams and departments when there are more pressing items that need to be addressed. To put it simply, outsourcing training saves time and money.

Corporations that outsource enterprise training experience measurable returns almost instantly. Managers can devote more time to operations and employees obtain the training they need with minimal interruption to daily workflow. Quality is enhanced, productivity is improved, and companies are able to better serve their clients.

We fit your organization as you need us to, by providing a customized, scalable enterprise training solution. As a result, companies both large and small engage LearnSpectrum to meet their needs.

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Trusted Partner to Government

For more than a decade, LearnSpectrum has helped federal, state and local government attain the training needed to meet requirements and ensure mission success. Our proven, consultative approach and cost-effective value added pricing structure enable government clients to achieve clearly outlined strategic goals. We work to identify the most suitable courses at the best price to cater to each client’s unique situation. Most importantly, our reliable training management process helps government HR professionals and project managers “do more with less” in an era of enhanced requirements and shrinking budgets.

Technology is continuously changing. The constant stream of IT innovations provides government agencies with enormous potential to improve citizen services. However, it takes the right people with the right knowledge to make technology work effectively. Keeping agency employees up to date with proper training and certifications is crucial to operating at high efficiency.

Coordinating training sessions can place an unnecessary burden on HR and project managers. You already have enough on your plate. Fortunately, our streamlined approach alleviates this burden. When our government clients trust our proven expertise in delivering specialized training packages, they are free to focus on important operations and mission objectives.

We begin our process by learning your team or agency’s specific goals and challenges. We then work to connect the dots with the most beneficial training programs for each unique situation. Rather than sell a preexisting training package, we develop a customized solution. Whether employees require training in new software packages or recertification, we have consistently connected our clients with programs that help them to achieve their goals.

Our experienced enterprise training consultants provide full lifecycle support, and our broad selection of vendors offers a variety of scheduling, location and instruction options to meet specific needs. Ultimately, LearnSpectrum is a valuable and economical resource, trusted by agencies at all levels of government.

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