Celebrating 20 Years
As LearnSpectrum

The Ride Over The Years



First: As Spectrum Training Brokers, we saw the need to weave through the myriad of training solutions and help customers find the right solutions.



It’s weird. In every recession, our customer base grows. The 2008 collapse catapulted our services to a new level. Our value to customers became paramount as they no longer had the capacity to support L&D internally. This is the shift that hasn’t looked back.



Gone is the thinking of the label ‘training’. Enter ‘learning, human capital and talent development’.

Let’s go LearnSpectrum. A more global view of what our customers demand. External sourcing, value, administrative coordination and metrics for all your organizations learning needs.



Stop the madness. The one constant theme we hear when we engage with new customers: ‘We don’t have a solution for that, If we only had…’

The crazy thing to us is that statement is said at some of the largest known companies. Our model scales from smaller sized companies straight to Fortune 500 sized.

Let’s Work Together

We support individuals, teams or an entire enterprise. Contact us and see how we can assist you.

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